November 07, 2017
8th Grade Confirmation Forms

Confirmation Forms 2017-2018

July 21, 2017
St. Bernadette Annual Report - 2016-2017
June 14, 2017
Family Handbook 2017-2018
June 08, 2017
Medication Policy Form
June 08, 2017
Safe Environment Parent Letter
June 08, 2017
Medication Policy- Letter for Parents
June 07, 2017
Back to School Night 2017
June 07, 2017
School Calendar 2017-2018
January 27, 2017
2017-2018 School Year
June 10, 2016
Home and School sign-ups

Just a reminder...
Committee Volunteers, Holiday Party Volunteers, and Teacher Wish Lists are all on-line this year. We hope families find signing up on-line easier and less stressful than trying to do rush at Back to School Night. Sign-ups can now be done at your own leisure in your own time. There will not be paper sign-ups at Back to School Night. We will be using the site This site is very user friendly and helpful.  It will send reminders and you will be able to volunteer at any time during the school year.
To volunteer, please follow these instructions:
1. Go to
2. Click "Find a SignUp" in the top right corner.
3. Click "Search by Email".
4. Enter (This is Home and School's email address)
5. Click "Search". Five sign-ups will be available.

Home and School will have fliers with these instructions available at Back to School Night. Tablets will also be available that night, if you would prefer to sign up that night at school. This information is also in the Back to School packet each family will be receiving and on Sycamore. If you have any questions, please email Home and School at
Thank you!

June 08, 2017
Supply List 2017-2018
June 07, 2017
Service Hours 2017-2018
June 08, 2017
St. Bernadette Mission Statement

Click on the attachment to see our Mission Statement. 

June 08, 2017

Visit our Facebook page:  St. Bernadette Catholic School.  We post updates frequently and we post many pictures of all the happenings at school.

June 08, 2017
Medication Information

Please read the attachments for more information on medication requirements at school.

June 07, 2017
Food Allergy Parent Letter
June 07, 2017
Safe Environment Training

Click on the attachment to learn more about Safe Environment Training.